Our Philosophy

A Responsive Commitment

There’s only one thing greater than our passion for building, and that’s our dedication to the need and desires of our customers. While cost is always important, we know that it’s only one reason for choosing us to be your general contractor. You’re also looking for sound project management, efficient coordination, and construction of the highest quality.

An Attitude of Accountability

As your general contractor, see it as our duty to assume complete responsibility for our project. That’s why estimators, project managers and superintendents actively oversee all aspects of the construction from start to finish. And it’s why we insist that they are experienced building and hands-on managers, not simply job overseers. Being accountable for you project also means being responsible for our subcontractors. Its starts with a careful pre-screening of thousands of firms across dozens of building traders to selects those with the experience and the abilities best suited to your project as the best price. Then, we carefully supervise their work to ensure quality and monitor manpower to efficiency. To us it’s just as if we laid every brick and hammered every nail.

A Spirit Pride

At the root of our passion for quality is a deeply felt pride in the work we do. It’s a pride that extends throughout our entire company and encompasses the smallest detail. To us, construction is not only about management. It’s also about our craftsmanship.

We insist, for example, when placing the concrete foundation ourselves in the crucial beginning stage of a project, we do our own carpentry work to ensure that the finishing are also carried out with precision and skill. The pride we take in our work explains why we refuse to take shortcuts. It’s why we’re such sticklers for making sure our subcontractors use the right materials and techniques. It’s why we feel such urgency to manage cross and meet our client’s needs. And it’s why Regent Construction has never missed a deadline.

At Regent Construction, we have qualified personnel who have been in the business and building long enough to know construction inside out and from top of bottom. But not so long that we’ve become unyielding and set in our ways. The truth is, we’re always looking for better methods of building and better solutions to complicated construction problems with Regent as your general contractor, you’ll find the inclusion of a spirited exuberance to your project. Regent is involved in every stage of planning and construction. And our clients benefit tremendously from our experience, skill and building expertise. But most of all our clients appreciate our complete honesty because integrity is a very important quality clients expect from any construction company and our clients expectations are taken extremely seriously.