Mechanical Services

Regent Construction also offers second to none Mechanical services which include the design, installation, and maintenance of mechanical equipment in the buildings. We offer the following mechanical services.

  • Water supply system
  • Drainage system
  • Firefighting system
  • HVAC System

The above services are rendered with high degree of professionalism. This is ensured by:

  • The use of qualitative materials/ equipment
  • Qualified technical Personnel
  • Co-ordination with other services on site appropriately
  • Flexibility in design in compliance with client’s requirement

We provide complete solutions in the field of
1. Water treatment plants (to treat any type of water)
2. Desalination plants
3. Waste water/ sewage treatment plants using latest MRS/MBBR technologies
4. Turnkey water bottling plants

Water treatment plants (10m3/hours to 100m2 hours or more)
We handle water treatment projects to treat any type of raw water from bore wells, rivers, lakes etc.

Containerized destination plants (10m3/hours to 100m2 hours or more)
Freshwater is an essential requirement of mankind for drinking agricultural and industrial purposes and is amongst one of the most important inputs for man’s survival. The rapid increase of the world’s population and non• uniform distribution of potable water has forced mankind to develop new techniques to generate potable water. Freshwater rivers, lakes and other natural sources are not able to meet the over-growing demands of potable water forcing the scientists to look towards the sea to fulfill the need for freshwater.
We specialize in destination plants to treat saltwater from creeks or the sea. We offer latest skid-mounted containerized destination plants to treat saltwater in an area like Lagos (Lekki) Niger Delta etc

Compact sewage treatment plants (Bioreactor)
Sewage disposal is a major problem in developing countries as many people in these areas don’t have access to sanitary conditions and clean water. Untreated sewage water in such areas can contaminate the environment and cause diseases such as diarrhea, typhoid, etc. We introduce a reliable method to treat sewage waste with the help of pre-fabricated compact skid-mounted sewage treatment plants based on bioreactor technology. These are types of bioreactors being offered by us:

  • MBBRS (Moving Bioreactor)
  • MBR (Membrane Bioreactor)
  • SBR (Sequential Bioreactor)

These state-of-the-art bioreactors have the capability to treat wastewater and it suitable for applications like landscaping, floor washing, gardening, car wash and toilet flushing. This truly lends a helping hand in reducing pressure on natural water resources and thereby protecting our environment

Power Backup system (online UPS systems) 10 to 1 000KVA
Industrial “power sonic” online UPS system provide power backup for various application like IT services, VSAT system, computer, lighting, security system or any other critical load. Application banks, telecom towers, airports, ministries, etc.